Alternative Method of Examining Competency (AMEC) Program

What is the AMEC Program?
The Alternative Method of Examining Competency (AMEC) was created in response to the
Texas Professional Social Work Act to assist individuals who, while unable to achieve a
passing score on the national examination, have demonstrated the knowledge, skills and
abilities to become professionally licensed social workers in Texas.

Who is eligible to participate in the AMEC program?
To be eligible for AMEC, an applicant must have failed the examination at least twice by 5
points or less (65-69), and the more recent of these scores must have been within 12 months
of application. The applicant must also possess the required education as stated in the Texas
State Board of Social Worker Examiners rules section §781.301, and he or she should have a
minimum of 6 months of professional experience in a social work setting.


Wales Counseling offers supervision for the AMEC Program. Contact us for details. or 214-519-9473

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