What are all the types of Coaching?

What are all the types of Coaching?canstockphoto12886370

The field of life coaching is very broad in its application and it covers as many topics as one can think. There are life coaches that offer general services while other may specialize in a specific niche. It is entirely up to an individual to decide what type of life coach he wants to be.

The main types of life coaching are personal coaching, business coaching, career coaching, relationship coaching, health coaching, spiritual and wellness coaching and parenting. The following is a brief introduction of each type.

Career Coaching

Career coaching revolves around career related issues. A career coach will generally help you find the answers of these questions. What is suitable career for you? What will be the best alternate career if you are looking to change your profession? How you can make progress in your profession? Career coaches also teach their clients how they can go through tough situation and resolve their problems.

Business Coaching

Business coaches work with organizations and institutions. They are mainly responsible for improving working environment within an organization and help staff member prepare for collective challenges. Some business coaches may help organizations plan their strategies as well.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is based on personal grooming and development. Generally, people hire personal coaches to achieve their already crafted goals or to improve their personality. Personal coaches can also help clients identify their goals if they are not sure about what they want to do in their lives. But they can not impose their decision on clients. Their relationship can be defined as a friendship and collaboration.

Relationship Coaching

A relationship coach helps sort out relationship problems. Whether it is family relationship or related to colleagues and friends, people can discuss any of their problems with a relationship coach. They will provide guidance and help straighten out matters.

Health Coaching

People who have health problems may consult health coaches and get some advice from them. But a health coach is helpful only in sorting out minor psychological issues. He is not equipped to handle severe mental diseases and disorders. For major psychological and mental disorders, people still need to go to psychologist, psychiatrist or any other certified specialist.

Wellness Coaching

A wellness coach works with client on a wide range of issues such as fitness, health, eating habits, exercise, sleep or any other aspect related to lifestyle. To achieve these objectives, coaches craft a plan of action and also ensure that client is following it. A wellness coach provides instructions on how a person can clear hi