Anger Management

Do you feel as though anger overtakes you during stressful moments? Anger can have major implications in our day to day lives, including but not limited to:

– poor relationships
– impulsive behaviors
– isolation from others
– difficulty with concentration and focus
– reduced productivity
– impact on sense of self-worth

The presence of life stressors can evoke feelings of anger in some people. Anger can be in reaction to feeling overwhelmed and out of control when trying to cope and manage stress. Our anger management services will explore the context that triggers a person’s anger responses, and the individual experience of that anger. While feeling angry may be valid in certain situations, managing our behavioral responses to feeling anger is important in maintaining healthy relationships and a sense of well-being. Our anger management services work closely with each client to develop individualized strategies for each situation that triggers that client’s anger. The goal of anger management is to provide the client with a full set of tools to apply in any stressful situation, so that the client can subdue the anger response and maintain a sense of control and positive coping. Through the use of our anger management services, people will be able to regain control over their reactions to difficult stressors, and enhance relationships and overall quality of life.


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