Lauren Wagner

Licensed Master Social Worker, LMSW

Asking for help is never easy. Life’s changes can come swiftly and without warning, and can soon feel too large or too heavy for us to cope with or resolve. You’re not alone, and I am here to help. Whether it is a new medical diagnosis, an old or recent trauma, or grief, I am passionate about helping individuals find their strengths and meet their goals to overcome their challenges. With over 8 years of Social Work experience in healthcare and mental health, my goal is to provide a safe environment to compassionately and empathetically work through whatever obstacles life has set before you.

Whether you want to book for just yourself, you and your partner, your family or child, I will provide individualized, strength based, and evidenced based practices to help you work through your adversities. Together, we can identify new opportunities for growth at your pace.

You’ve gotten this far on your search for help, don’t stop here! I encourage you to book a session and start your healing journey today.