Shanté Lowery

Pre-Licensed Professional, LMSW

No one is born with a manual or handbook guiding them through life’s journey every step of the way. Instead we are left to experience the world and gain perspective from our success and failures. When you are feeling lost, heavy or anxious it would be nice to have the necessary tools to manage those emotions; I would be happy to assist you in learning healthy coping mechanism. With 10 years of Social Work experience in the mental heath field, I aim to create a safe space for my clients so we can partner together to achieve their goals.

If you are booking a session for yourself or a loved one, I will provide individualized evidence based treatment through individual and/or group therapy services.

When we have tried everything for our children, teens or for ourselves as parents or adults it is ok to ask for help. I encourage you to book a session and let’s explore the best way I can serve you as my client to achieve your goals.