The relationships do really until Rui decides to getting a cook just after meeting the woman biological father

The relationships do really until Rui decides to getting a cook just after meeting the woman biological father

Rui’s action-sis just after the parents create good remarriage, although both have already understood both shortly after its you to definitely-nights stay, Rui yourself seeking your so you can skip how it happened. Its family are a combination of sibling-such as for example strategy. But not after Rui believe more than everything you out-of just how she feels regarding Natsuo, she however approved the point that the woman is crazy about your.

From inside the advances out of their industry to be a chef, she took their invite to learn more in america to have a great 12 months. Meanwhile, Natsuo had created writer’s stop and you can don’t tell Rui, based on other females whom she don’t understand. Feeling harmful to being unable to let and you may calculating all of her or him had been burdening each other, Rui decided to separation immediately following much imagine, turning the relationships returning to sis and you can sister. Nonetheless, she nevertheless cares significantly for your.

Immediately after this lady terrible days regarding the work and shedding the lady feel regarding preference, she in the end know how tough and you can terrifying is actually living to have Natsuo, as he needs the woman extremely ultimately she regrets on her choice from breakup with your losing for the despair and you may shame.

She returned along with Natsuo as he came to The newest York to help the woman through their rough date. Soon just after, she read she try expecting which have Natsuo’s boy. If you’re there clearly was a fuss when you look at the a family, Natsuo was very delighted and you may chose to strategy matrimony.

Unfortunately, the contentment and make a unique household members forest was torn aside because of a crash away from a depressed old boyfriend-publisher. New incident brought about Hina to be in coma for years and you will in earliest go to, Rui learned that Hina had aided Natsuo a lot, breaking the girl heart and you can incapable of take on herself to be which have Natsuo more. Shortly after some persuading to Natsuo, they had decided to keep by themselves because pair, not wife and husband and you may raised proper care of its girl, Haruka safely.

Hina Tachibana [ ]

She is Rui’s elder-sister. Strong within their matchmaking, both of them jealousy their own personalities, having Hina in search of Rui’s attitude and you will the other way around. It admiration each other and you can keep a particularly good thread while the sisters, and also be on the line if a person of those noticed towards the bottom.

Rui were to basic to know about Hina’s connection with Natsuo and initially let them be prior to she and you will Natsuo later turned into people. She actually ran much not to share with their newest parents regarding the relationship. But Rui’s time which have Natsuo during high-school offered alot more usually to own Rui in order to deal Natsuo of Hina, even dare to state with the Hina one to the dating had no count since they are not related by bloodstream.

A year just after Hina got split up that have Natsuo and you will Rui turned into his, Hina considered heartbroken however, let it go rather. And also this did not impede their siblingship as and if Rui was in problems, Hina are often help in order to their and you may adored her or him one another voluntarily. Weeks after that have Rui was able to go back home out-of U . s ., Hina experienced envy which have Rui is actually pregnant.

Just after a fail out-of an ex-writer towards the them head Hina to stay coma for a long time, Rui sure Hina become with Natsuo just after reading each one of their action while Rui wasn’t which have Natsuo despite new short term break up. Rui able to strike Hina’s doubt by saying in the event that Hina remaining on not wanting so you can marry Natsuo, upcoming Rui manage. Rui also considerate sufficient to try for traditions alone and make sure Haruka, the lady dily statistics by the time she’ll become adults.

Momo Kashiwabara [ ]

Momo is Rui’s highschool best friend and you can other previous club mate. The original find is actually an excellent you to definitely but filled with contradictions due to Momo’s influence at school due to the fact a beneficial “whore”. Rui failed to acknowledge the latest hearsay, deciding it was doing the girl to decide if the she wanted to waste time together with her; she’s, not, astonished having Momo’s acknowledgement of experiencing experienced several relationship. Momo very first unacquainted with Rui’s feelings for Natsuo, however, she cheered on her immediately after Natsuo got decided to be which have Rui. Initial difficult, however, immediately following her junior convinced the lady, she cheered Rui best.

Miu Ashihara [ ]

Miu are Rui’s other clubmate and you may fellow second year. Rui very first notion of this lady while the an opponent on the Natsuo, but Miu turned out to own a-one-sided love for their bar advisor and you can teacher, Reiji Kiriya.